Welcome to Thinknear Engineering

This blog marks the beginning of the Thinknear Engineering presence on the internet. Thinknear started in 2011 and was acquired by Telenav in 2012. Though we're part of a much larger public company, Thinknear maintains its distinct engineering culture and spirit. We have been entirely cloud-based from the get-go (we're big users of AWS, Heroku, Librato, and more); we're very agile, using a scrum-based internal development cycle; and we have a lot of fun, like with daily Halo breaks.

We also push the limits of what a small team can accomplish with today's technology. We handle tens of thousands of requests per second across our fleet with very aggressive latency targets, our hosts generate terabytes of data per day which we have to crunch with aggressive time goals, we're running massive PostGIS queries, and we dabble in Angular.js as well.

On this blog, we will showcase our technology, expertise, open source contributions, and other things of interest to distributed systems' engineers. We are really excited about what we do, and we hope to share our enthusiasm here.

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