Aws_templates Released


Thinknear is releasing our aws_templates as an open-source project under APLv2. aws_templates is an example deployment and configuration setup for AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

You can visit the project's GitHub page. The README has more information on the features and behavior of the configuration.


Thinknear's Elastic Beanstalk environments are low-latency, high-throughput systems serving billions of auction requests per day from dozens of exchanges. The aws_templates works with Beanstalk's .ebextensions to configure EC2 instances with

  • RAID 0
  • log rotation to AWS S3 using tn_s3_file_uploader
  • collectd and JMX remote monitoring
  • AWS ELB configuration
  • Custom system settings

This project is intended to share a method of deployment and configuration using a collection of scripts and Beanstalk's.ebextensions.


Thinknear Engineering would like to invite anyone who finds aws_templates useful to contribute to the project. Visit the project's issue tracker page to submit questions, bugs, or new features.

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