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Thinknear is a company founded on the principle that technology is the driver of innovation, engineering is at the core of what Thinknear does and values. We believe that we win by leveraging a small team of exceptional software engineers and helping them to achieve their maximum potential, both individually and as a team. Our business success is driven by technological innovation, product differentiation, and repeat customers – all of which are directly influenced by the engineering team. We create a fun and productive environment where we encourage learning and risk taking.

Fun? There’s a pretty big Halo game going on most days around 4:30; there’s also basketball in the parking lot and it just wouldn’t feel like a startup if we didn’t also have a ping pong table.

Productive? Engineers don’t have meetings in the afternoons. That’s right, no one is allowed to book meetings with engineers after lunch. We also make sure the product team isn’t constantly walking down to interrupt engineers in the zone.

Risk Taking? Well, not when we deploy to production, but on features and approaches. If we think something seems like a good idea, we’re likely to try it out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but we always learn from it. It’s software. There are risks. We get it. We’re engineers too.


As we’ve grown from 3 engineers in a half-renovated office on top of a Fedex to over a dozen people with a real real office, we’ve found that it’s important to articulate what really matters to us. Sounds big company, but really it just helps us discuss and agree on the things that matter to us across teams.

  1. We value fact based product enhancement over theory
  2. We value iterative and incremental product launches over multi feature single deployments
  3. We value maintainable code, emphasizing clarity over cleverness
  4. We value openness, sharing, and collaboration over credentials and barriers
  5. We value and welcome new ideas and new ways of solving problems over “how we’ve always done things”
  6. We value strong test coverage for our code for both maintainability and documentation over untested codebases
  7. We take pride in our work and proactively attend to our code in production, assisting each other wherever possible.

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