Presenting at re:Invent

Thinknear was privileged to be invited to present at AWS re:Invent 2014. Our topic was on how we have scaled to billions of daily requests on Elastic Beanstalk.

About Us

Thinknear is a company founded on the principle that technology is the driver of innovation, engineering is at the core of what Thinknear does and values. We believe that we win by leveraging a small team of exceptional software engineers and helping them to achieve their maximum potential, both individually and as a team. Our business success is driven by technological innovation, product differentiation, and repeat customers – all of which are directly influenced by the engineering team. We create a fun and productive environment where we encourage learning and risk taking.

Aws_templates Released

Thinknear is releasing our aws_templates as an open-source project under APLv2. aws_templates is an example deployment and configuration setup for AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Tn_s3_file_uploader Released

Thinknear is delighted to announce that our tn_s3_file_uploader is released as open-source under APLv2.tn_s3_file_uploader is a Ruby gem that we use internally to upload log files to Amazon S3 where they can be stored until we need to retrieve them for further analysis or processing.

Monitoring Beanstalk With Collectd

Collectd CPUAt Thinknear, we strive to measure anything that will help us understand the behavior of our systems in production. Collectd is a great tool for us to track instance level statistics that CloudWatch does not provide.

Unnecessary Complexity

Software development is hard. That’s a fact. Not only do we have a product that we must enhance, develop from scratch, or even maintain, but we have people’s interactions, opinions, emotions, the list goes on. And then there is design, technology and execution. All these factors, all these variables make software development the fantastic challenge that it is.

Welcome to Thinknear Engineering

This blog marks the beginning of the Thinknear Engineering presence on the internet. Thinknear started in 2011 and was acquired by Telenav in 2012. Though we're part of a much larger public company, Thinknear maintains its distinct engineering culture and spirit.

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