Deploying Aerospike to AWS with Ansible

Ansible managed Aerospike database clusters makes our engineers smile. Now we would like to share the same tools we use with the rest of the world. That is why today we announce the release of three open source Ansible roles to deploy and manage Aerospike clusters on AWS.

Debugging Hadoop 2.x on Amazon EMR

Hadoop 2.x upgrades the previous web UI with a detailed ResourceManager. Having previously browsed the simpler JobTracker UI of Hadoop 1.x using lynx on the master node, finding things on the new interface took a bit of experimentation.

Rails Migration and Dependencies on User Defined Tables/Views

Redshift clusters need to accommodate tables and views created not only by our applications but by our operations and data science teams. It is quite common for user defined tables and views to rely on application defined tables and views, which makes migrations a challenge. In the following post, we present two SQL queries that are useful when trying to identify dependencies before running migrations.

Understanding the Decision to Move From AWS EMR/Hive to Redshift

At Thinknear we always want to make sure we are doing our best to use the right tool for the job. So when Redshift came out we decided to evaluate our current reporting and analytics pipeline and see if Redshift could help us improve. At the time we were using Hive/Hadoop on EMR for all our reporting and analytics purposes. We saw Redshift as a way to speed up our reporting infrastructure without completely rearchitecting and give our business team a much easier way to access the data. Given these goals we evaluated Redshift against our current Hive/Hadoop solution and found the following pros and cons.

Presenting at re:Invent

Thinknear was privileged to be invited to present at AWS re:Invent 2014. Our topic was on how we have scaled to billions of daily requests on Elastic Beanstalk.

Aws_templates Released

Thinknear is releasing our aws_templates as an open-source project under APLv2. aws_templates is an example deployment and configuration setup for AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Tn_s3_file_uploader Released

Thinknear is delighted to announce that our tn_s3_file_uploader is released as open-source under APLv2.tn_s3_file_uploader is a Ruby gem that we use internally to upload log files to Amazon S3 where they can be stored until we need to retrieve them for further analysis or processing.

Monitoring Beanstalk With Collectd

Collectd CPUAt Thinknear, we strive to measure anything that will help us understand the behavior of our systems in production. Collectd is a great tool for us to track instance level statistics that CloudWatch does not provide.

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