Rails Migration and Dependencies on User Defined Tables/Views

Redshift clusters need to accommodate tables and views created not only by our applications but by our operations and data science teams. It is quite common for user defined tables and views to rely on application defined tables and views, which makes migrations a challenge. In the following post, we present two SQL queries that are useful when trying to identify dependencies before running migrations.

Heroku Cost Optimization Using Generic Workers

During the early days of Thinknear, Resque was the most prevalent background job processor for our Rails applications. However, Resque was not multithread-friendly, and, as our applications grew, this put a toll on our Heroku monthly bill.

Tn_s3_file_uploader Released

Thinknear is delighted to announce that our tn_s3_file_uploader is released as open-source under APLv2.tn_s3_file_uploader is a Ruby gem that we use internally to upload log files to Amazon S3 where they can be stored until we need to retrieve them for further analysis or processing.

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